The problem the project aims to solve
The problem that Infinity Protocol aims to solve is the unsustainability of most crypto projects that reward token holders by using the project's liquidity. This approach makes the projects vulnerable and unable to sustain in the long term. The need for a cryptocurrency that offers a sustainable reward system is evident, and Infinity Protocol intends to fulfil this requirement.
Introduction: Infinity Protocol is a series of AI trading bots that use funds accumulated through taxation from the proprietary token purchase. The tax is transferred to the protocol, allowing it to invest and generate profit for staking rewards. The longer that users stake the tokens, the more money they generate, just by locking the tokens and promoting the project.
Overview: The vision and mission of Infinity Protocol is to offer a self-sustained machine learning crypto project that generates rewards through its AI trading bots. Unlike most crypto projects, Infinity Protocol does not use the project's liquidity to generate the staking rewards. Instead, it uses the funds accumulated through taxation to invest and generate profit, providing a sustainable reward system for its token holders.